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Sinkana Import has developed and continues developing strategic partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and developers of world class technologies mainly in the field of engineering and scientific lab materials, and electro-mechanical equipment companies. This enables us to provide our clients with the most appropriate solutions, through the incorporation of technology, equipment supply, software services and more.

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Our Vision

Sinkana Import's vision is to be a continuing positive and highly influential force in the development and operation of the infrastructure in Ethiopia. Through our services for our clients and our collaboration with colleagues, we shall create a lasting legacy that improves the lives of people and communities.

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Our Mission

Sinkana Import uses every opportunity to enable ourselves to be the most skilled professionals in delivering the services to our customers based on their demands. Furthermore, we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers, as well as, to the development of our staff members. We also strive to be adaptable to the latest technologies and take the initiative to be the leader in introducing them to our society.

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Our Plan

Sinkana Import's plan is to act as a center of excellence for the field in which our company operates, to develop innovative high quality products and services and to substitute the exclusively imported products by locally made products within a period of five years.

Some of Our Clients

Some of the services we provide

Summary of the Areas of Business We are Engaged in: Studies, Engineering, Project Management, Supervision/Construction

Engineering and Scientific Lab Materials

Design, Supply, Commissioning of Engineering Lab Materials (Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Hydraulics, ICT, Architecture, etc.) Design, Supply, Commissioning of Natural Science Lab Materials (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Geology, etc.). Read More: Automotive, Biology, Chemical, Chemistry, Civil, Food, High School, Lab Furniture, Maths, Mechanical, Physics, Textile

Power Sector Services

Design, Supply & Erection of Micro hydro power plants, Design, Supply & Erection of Diesel power plants, Design, Supply & Erection of Substation & Switchyards, Erection of Over Head Transmission Lines, Erection of Distribution Systems, Design, Supply & Install Air conditioning system, Design, Supply & installation of Security and file alarm system, Renewable Energy Projects

Industrial Services

Design & Installation of Electrical Works [Residential, Commercial & Industrial], Electromechanical Erection Works in Water Projects, Electromechanical Maintenance Services, Factory turnkey, Designing , Manufacturing & Assembling of Electrical System Units, Designing, Manufacturing & Assembling of Mechanical System Units

IT Services

Supply & configure server, Design & Install LAN & WAN, Design & Install Sound Systems for Conference Hall, etc.

Telecom Sector Services

Erection of Tower & Masts, Erection of BTS, Splicing & Installation of Fiber Optic networks

Consultation Services

Power Sector which includes; Diesel power systems, Substation & Switchyards, Distribution Systems, etc., Renewable Energy technologies which includes; Micro hydro system, Solar Heating & PV system, Wind energy, Biogas, Cold chain & Air conditioning system, Industrial Electromechanical Services, IT Services, Telecom Sector Service

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Our Products

Lighting Equipment

Lighting Equipment in Ethiopia, Sinkana Import is one of the leading suppliers of lighting equipment in Ethiopia. Some of the lighting products in Ethiopia we supply are the following: Site Lighting Layouts, Sinkana Imports can assist with site lighting layouts as well as interior lighting accessories. Commercial Lighting Job Packages, We can quote and furnish complete commercial lighting job packages. Read More

Generator Equipment

Sinkana Imports is an industry leader for power solutions in Ethiopia. We along with our world famous manufacturers provide brightness, warmth, protection and hope to people and companies in Ethiopia. We are strategic partners of various manufacturers such as, American Cummins (CUMMINS), UK Stanford (STAMFORD), China Yuchai (YUCHAI), China Shanghai Diesel Engine (SDEC), China Lovol (LOVOL), China YTO (YTO), China FAW Jiefang Automotive (FAWDE) and much more. Read More

Pump Equipment

Pump Equipment in Ethiopia, Sinkana Imports is dedicated to supplying our clients with the highest quality pumps, parts, controls and electric motors in the Ethiopian market at the lowest prices. We stock all major brands and our employees are pump experts able to provide you with skilled selection and sizing assistance. In addition, our application engineers will work with you to select equipment that is custom fitted for your application. Read More

Renewable Energy

If you have thought of saving the planet from carbon emission go green and use renewable power sourceandwhen you decide, contact us, we will customize affordable energy system that fit to your needs. We are well equipped to deliver the following systems... Read More

Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Nowadays, it has become imperative for residents, hotels, office complexes, factories,complexes, factories, airports, meeting halls, cinemas, tunneled high ways, etc... Read More

Low & Medium Voltage Equipments and Sub & Main DBS

For your commercial or residential purpose, request us ranges of low & medium electrical and electromechanical equipments, we will supply you... Read More


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